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Video Overview

All your leads are located here. This is where you will create new audiences, import sms lists and export or sync to Facebook.

On the left side you will see all your audiences that you have created and in the middle you will see all the contacts. If you click on an audience you will see the contacts that are part of that audience.

Let's go through the different parts of this section.

  1. Adding A New Audience

When you click on this you will have the option to Name your Audience and add one or more filters.

Filters available:

  • Filter by tag (include or exclude one or more tags)
  • Filter by attribute (select from any of the attributes in the system. Both Facebook or Custom)
  • Filter by active within 24 hours (this will only show you active contacts)
  • Filter by Platform (choose if this is messenger or sms)

You can choose to filter by one or more of the filters above to really target your audience.

If you have a list of existing SMS numbers you can import them here:

If you want to see your attributes, tags and 1-Time Notification tags, you can do that here. You can also add new ones.

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