Creating a Drip Campaign

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Drip Campaigns  

This video shows you how to set up and use the Drip campaign feature on MobileMonkey.

A "drip" is a message sent to the customer, and drip campaigns are a sequence of messages, promotional, informational, or other, sent to the customer on a strategically timed basis. The purpose of a Drip campaign is to automatically engage the right users at the right time.

Example use cases

1) Welcome campaign for new Contacts

2) Engaging Contacts after an event or sign up

3) Converting Contacts from Facebook Ads

For example, you can set up a welcome drip to message the visitor 1 minute after engagement and then another message the next day. 

Suggestions for Success: Drip campaigns are very powerful, as long as the messages have good content and are not sent too often. Setting up the drips to launch too close together may be perceived as too "spammy".   

Watch this video to learn how to set up a Drip campaign:

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