Installing a Customer Chat Widget on your Weebly Website

Updated 1 month ago by Van Le

  1. Set up your chat widget in MobileMonkey (Chatbot > Chat Starters > Website Chat Widgets > + New Chat Customer Chat Widget)
  2. Add your settings in Steps 1-4.
  3. In Step 5, add your website URL under "What is your website URL?'
  4. Copy the Javascript code in Step 5 of our chat widget setup:
  5. Log into Weebly and "Edit Website"
  6. Click on "Settings" > SEO, then paste your code at the end of the "Header Code" section:
  7. Click "Save". Then "Publish".
  8. All set! Make sure your chat bot and chat widget are both activated in order for the widget to show up on your website.

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