FAQ: MobileMonkey Send Limits

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What's a send limit?

A send limit represents the number of messages included in your Plan that a chatbot can send each month.

How do send limits differ for each price plan?

Send limits included for each plan:



Pro Unicorn


Send Limit





What counts as a send?

A send is any message sent by your MobileMonkey chatbot. This includes bot responses to your Facebook page via Messenger or a chat widget, AND any messages sent as part of a chat blast, RSS blast, drip campaign, or promo blast. Any sends generated while testing your bot will not count toward the limit for the month.

Will my sends from testing a bot count toward the limit?

No, sends generated when testing a bot will not count toward the limit.

When will the send limits go into effect on Free plans?

Send limits went into effect on free Plans in June 2019 as part of the New Pro, Pro unicorn and Team Plan releases.

Where do I check to see how many messages my page already sent?

There are 2 places where you can see your send total so far for the month (or billing period if you're on a new Pro plan):

  1. The "pick-a-page" menu
  2. The billing screen
What happens after I hit my monthly send limit included in my Plan?

Chatbots will stop responding to incoming messages, but users can still manage messages manually. You may upgrade your Plan or increase send limits within your Account Settings at anytime.

When will my paused chatbots resume sending messages?

Paused chatbots will resume sending messages at the beginning of the next month OR whenever you upgrade to a Pro subscription or increase Send limits.

Will I be notified when I am close to hitting my limit?

Yes, you'll see alerts in your MobileMonkey account and via Messenger as you come close to hitting your send limit and have the option to increase your limits to avoid any interruption of chatbot service. You'll also be notified after you've hit your limit.

What can I do to reactivate my chatbot after my send limit has been reached?

After you've reached the send limit, you can always upgrade to a Pro subscription or increase send limits to resume your bot activity.

If I have a Legacy Pro or Team subscription (joined before July 2019). Does it have a send limit?

No, legacy subscriptions do not have any send limits for as long as you are an active subscriber.

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