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What is an OmniChat widget?

OmniChat is a smart chat plugin that loads a native webchat widget when the website visitor is not signed into Facebook, or if the browser is preventing the Facebook widget from loading. OmniChat will prioritize the Facebook widget, so if it knows that the user is logged into Facebook or if the user is a known Facebook user, it will always load the Messenger widget. If not, it will default to a native webchat.

Will my bot work with webchat?

Yes, your bot will work on webchat as well as the Messenger widget.

How do I respond to messages sent from webchat?

Messages from webchat will appear in your MobileMonkey inbox, along with messages sent to the Messenger widget. You can also see/respond to webchat messages from the MobileMonkey app.

When a webchat user interacts with my website, what name does MobileMonkey show in Inbox?

Webchat users will appear in your MobileMobkey inbox as "Guest 1", "Guest 2", "Guest 3", etc.

Can I update the name of webchat users?

Yes, we will support "first name", "last name", and "full name" attributes in the Quick Questions widget (for text answers only). You can use this widget to ask for names and the name attribute will update accordingly in the contact record. When one of the above name attributes is used, the bot will skip that question for Messenger conversations (since we already have names for Messenger contacts).

Will my greeting and chat widget settings work on webchat?

Yes, all settings in the customer chat widget will work with webchat.

How do I preview webchat?

To trigger the webchat, you have to first install the Javascript on your website. After the code is installed, you can take any of the following steps to trigger the webchat:

  • The first time you load the page on your browser, make sure you are not logged into Facebook. Once you log in and we detect you as a Facebook user, you will always see the Messenger widget in that browser whether or not you are logged in.
  • Open your website in incognito mode.
  • Use a browser that you know is blocking the Messenger widget somehow.

Can I disable OmniChat?

Yes, you can go to Settings > Customer Chat Widgets to adjust your chat widget to support Messenger only or webchat only.

I'm using the WordPress plugin. Will I have access to OmniChat automatically?

No, Pages connected via WordPress will be using the Messenger widget by default. You can alway go into your page settings and activate OmniChat there.

Can I still get a Messenger Opt-in from webchat users?

Yes, will introduce an "Opt-in" widget that will send users to Messenger, where you can get their opt-in.

Can I remove the "Powered by MobileMonkey" branding on the webchat window?

Yes, we will support removing this for any pages with a Pro subscription.

Can I disable the animation on webchat?

No, currently all webchat widgets will have animation by default.

What does the greeting setting for "Use first message in startbot" do?

If you select this greeting option, we will use the first message in your startbot as your greeting IF you have a quick question widget, If you have another widget type as your first message we will hide the greeting. Additional greeting types will be supported later

Can I choose to hide the greeting bubble on my website or delay it by a few seconds before showing it?

Yes, There are 2 fields you can use to control the way greetings are displayed on your website:

  1. Greeting Behavior - use this setting to always show, always hide, or show the greeting on the initial page load, then hide it.
  2. Greeting Delay - Use this field to add a 10-second delay on before showing the greeting.

NOTE that there are some known bugs on Facebook's widget for these settings, so the behavior there could be inconsistent with the behavior on webchat. Webchat greeting settings should work as described above.

Can I use a different Startbot on different pages on my website?

Yes, in order to use a different Startbot on different pages you just need to create 2 customer chat widgets and use a URL rule in each of them to specify when you want that widget to show up. Then you can build a different Startbot for each widget. The Javascript will be the same so no need to implement a different code on your website.

You can set the URL rules in Step 3 of the customer chat widget:

Can I choose to show the greeting on some pages and hide it on other pages on my website?

Yes, in order to use different greeting behaviors on different pages on your website, you just need to create multiple customer chat widgets and use a URL rule in each of them to specify the widget behavior you want for each widget. The Javascript will be the same so no need to implement a different code on your website.

You set the widget behavior in the "Greeting Behavior" and "Greeting Delay" fields in the customer chat widget (Step1) to specificy :

You can set the URL rules in Step 3 of the customer chat widget to specify which pages you want to use the above greeting settings:

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