Send a Mass Message (Chat Blast)

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Use MobileMonkey to Send a Mass Message through Messenger

Messenger open and engagement rates can be as high as 70-80%

Watch this video to learn about Chat Blasting:

Written Instructions:

Step 1: Create your Message as a Page in your Bot   

Step 2: Create a custom Audience of the Contacts you want to receive the message

Step 4: 
Create a new Chat Blaster

Step 4: Name your blast and select your desired audience

Step 4: Select the page you have created for your blast

Step 4: Test your blast! A copy of the blast will go just to you

Step 4: 
Schedule your Blast and sit back and relax as your Bot automatically carries on multiple conversations and converts while you enjoy a banana margarita!

Tip: Facebook does not like "spamming" of messenger contacts and overtly "marketing" driven messages after 24 hours of the last Chat session with a user.  But this is not a problem because you are more creative than that!  Offer something of value to your audience to engage them in conversation with your Chat Bot.

Idea #1: Invite Contacts to a Webinar

Idea #2:  Send a Message about a new Blog post that is of interest to them

Idea #3: Announce the opening of new Store

What other ideas do you have? 

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