FB Comment Guards

Updated 6 months ago by Jason OHare

Comment Guard allows you to set up an opt-in message for anyone that leaves a Comment on your Facebook Posts, Boosted Posts, or Ads. 

Setting up a comment guard on a post or ad will allow your bot to automatically send a message to anyone who comments on that post. This is an incredibly easy way to grow your Messenger opt-in list.

NOTE: Comment guards do not work on events. If you share an event URL on your page, Facebook will convert it into an event.

NOTE: Attributes like {{first name}} that are used in the first message of Comment Guard will not display user name. This is because at the moment Comment Guard sends first message the user is not yet opt-in so personal info is not available.

Adding a Comment Guard to a Facebook Ad

1. Create comment guard

2. In the comment guard settings - choose respond only to specified posts & add your post ID

  • Tip: to find your post ID go to the menu in Business Manager > Engage Customers > Page Posts, you then will be taken to a Page Posts page, and the `Ads’ tab will show a list of all the ads
  • That page will look like the screenshot below, here you can see the ID # to use in your comment guard.

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